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  • Roof tower systems
  • Roof tower systems
  • Roof tower systems
  • Roof tower systems
Roof tower systemsRoof tower systemsRoof tower systemsRoof tower systems
Hong Zi company is located in Shunde District of Guangdong city in Foshan Province, our team has been committed to the development of the truss for inspiration and surrounding product innovation Aluminum Alloy, our team is the pursuit of safety design and production of high, fast and easy to use products. We created the Techtruss brand and received our consumer approval in a short period of time. From 100mm's mini aluminum frame to 1500mm's huge aluminum frame, the factory produces. Not only that, the product line extends in the surrounding areas to the aluminum frame mature matching products, such as various stage, tower system and lifting system and other products, continue to flow out of the production line, in the world each place to play its role.
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